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Resources and Follow Up for Developing Influence Skills

Every participant in our Exercising Influence™ skills training program has access to an app for easy reference to the tactics, behaviors, and influence approach taught in the course. We also offer a helpful reference book on exercising influence by Kim Barnes, who developed the Exercising Influence program. In addition, our course developers and facilitators continue to write on the topic of influence skills, and their articles are available either in the Barnes & Conti Resource Library, or through following Barnes & Conti on social media:

Influence Reference App

Influence Reference App for iOS and Android

Exercising Influence participants can load this app on their smart phone for a quick and easy reference to the influence tactics, behaviors, and influence framework from the program.

The app is available to course participants for no additional charge.

Influence Podcast Series

Podcast Series on Influence

This six part podcast series on the subject of influence was drawn from a conversation with Barnes & Conti CEO Kim Barnes, joined by Allan Cohen and Mary Walter.

Podcast topics range from influence and gender stereotypes to the role of confidence in influence success to the pros and cons of interrupting—and how to do it successfully!

Influence Video

Video Introduction to Influence and the Exercising Influence Program

In this brief video, B. Kim Barnes introduces some of the main concepts and models of the influence training program: Exercising Influence™ as a way to improve our abilities in influencing others.

Consulting on the Inside

Consulting on the Inside: A Practical Guide for Internal Consultants, Second Edition

Influence skills are an essential component of the internal consultant’s expertise. This book—co-authored by Kim Barnes and Beverly Scott—provides a solid background for internal consultants and serves as a roadmap for cultivating a successful career.

Articles on Influence/Resource Library

Our course developers and facilitators continue to write on the topic of influence to aid people in further honing and developing their influence skills.

  • “Bad, Wrong, or Stupid: How Not to Influence,” By B. Kim Barnes. In this world of "alternate facts" how can you successfully exercise influence? Kim discusses a strategy which consists of analyzing our self-talk based on facts, values, and assumptions prior to influencing someone whose set of facts, values, and assumptions are different from yours.
  • “Key Components of Successful Influence,” by Eric Beckman. Eric is Chief Operating Officer of Barnes & Conti and has over 20 years experience facilitating the Exercising Influence Program. This article discusses the key components that go into successful influencing to help you plan the best approach for a successful outcome.
  • “The Fear Factor in Influence: Join Before Leading,” by B. Kim Barnes. Successful influencers are attuned to the “fear factor” in the person they’re trying to influence. To overcome fears, this article makes a case for listening to the person they want to influence.
  • The Barnes & Conti Resource Library has many more articles to support the development of influence skills. The articles are free of charge, but registration is required.

More Books by B. Kim Barnes and other Barnes & Conti Authors including: