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Other Influence Skills Training Programs

Influence skills are critical to several specific applications. Barnes & Conti has incorporated influence skills into training programs specifically directed to negotiators, innovators, leaders of remote teams, and internal consultants.

Influential Negotiation

Influential Negotiation: Building Agreements with Others

This program applies the behavior skills of influence to the negotiation process. Participants will have the opportunity to practice influence behaviors they would use when conducting a negotiation.

Leading Remote Teams Through Influence

Leading Remote Teams through Influence: Building Relationships and Getting Results Across Boundaries

This program provides you with processes, techniques, and tools to create and maintain trusting, motivated, high-performing teams.

The Influential Innovator

The Influential Innovator: Gaining Support and Achieving Results

In this program, participants will learn how to express and apply interpersonal influence skills and strategies throughout the journey of innovation.

The Influential Internal Consultant

The Influential Internal Consultant: Building Relationships and Getting Results in Your Organization

Participants in this course will learn how to use specific influence skills and tools to create or enrich an effective and successful practice.

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