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The Influential Innovator:
Building Gaining Support and Achieving Results

Leading Remote Teams Through Influence

Having a great idea or opportunity is only the beginning of the journey of innovation. Every day, the next great—potentially world-changing—innovation walks out of the workplace between the ears of an employee. Getting support and resources for these great ideas almost always requires innovators to influence others— to sell them on the idea’s merits and potential value. A great idea seldom sells itself.

In this workshop, participants will learn how to express and apply interpersonal influence skills and strategies throughout the journey of innovation. Getting others to provide information about their needs, gaining support for your ideas in the team, inviting stakeholders to provide feedback on your prototypes, influencing senior leaders to make decisions that move your ideas forward, acquiring the right resources, attracting the talented people you need—resolving these and many other issues can mean the difference between a successful innovation journey and a failed experiment or a competitive disadvantage.

The influence behaviors and skills are drawn from Exercising Influence™, our popular influence training program, and tailored for the unique needs of innovation leaders.

Program Objectives

As a participant, you will:

  • Explore how effective influence skills underlie and support the innovation process.
  • Receive feedback from organizational stakeholders about how your influence behaviors are perceived
  • Apply the influence framework to real-world influence situations within the innovation journey
  • Practice influence approaches and behaviors to achieve successful outcomes
  • Identify key stakeholder and organizational factors to consider when developing an optimal influence approach
  • Facilitate others’ creativity
  • Create a plan of action by integrating influence strategies and tools into upcoming opportunities to gain support and buy-in for potential innovations.

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