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The Influential Internal Consultant:
Building Relationships and Getting Results in Your Organization

The Influential Internal Consultant

Consulting, whether internal or external, always involves facilitating change: technical, organizational, or behavioral. As an internal consultant, you can’t depend on positional power to make things happen in your organization. Your impact on individual choices and behavior or on organizational strategy, tactics, and decisions is based on your expertise, your relationships, and your skills for influencing others. As an internal consultant, you must walk a fine line between your role as an insider, understanding the culture and the business, and your value as an outsider with a more objective view and broad knowledge. The Influential Internal Consultant ™ helps you to combine these assets with a sophisticated set of influence behaviors and the know-how to put them to work at each phase of the consulting process.

This two-day workshop is based on the book, Consulting on the Inside: A Practical Guide for Internal Consultants© by Beverly Scott and B. Kim Barnes (ATD Press, 2011) and Barnes & Conti’s popular Exercising Influence® program. By participating, you will develop a greater understanding of your role, the consulting process, and how to use specific influence skills and tools to create or enrich an effective and successful internal consulting practice.

Program Objectives

As a participant, you will:

  • Identify consulting roles that best fit you and your organization
  • Gain tips and approaches to building and developing your internal consulting practice
  • Apply the consulting process model to your own organization’s consulting initiatives
  • Practice and apply influence skills that contribute to consulting success
  • Plan and prepare for an upcoming consulting situation.

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The Influential Internal Consultant™ is a copyrighted program of Barnes & Conti Associates, Inc.

Consulting on the Inside

Book for Influential Internal Consultants: Consulting on the Inside: A Practical Guide for Internal Consultants, Second Edition

This book—co-authored by Kim Barnes and Beverly Scott—provides a solid background for internal consultants and serves as a roadmap for cultivating a successful career.