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Exercising Influence:
Building Relationships and Getting Results

Influence skills training program

Exercising Influence™ is the most popular influence training program worldwide. To be successful in today’s cross-functional, matrixed or other complex organizations, you need to be skillful and flexible in the way you influence others. Using effective influence skills helps you build the relationships necessary to get positive results with colleagues, customers, suppliers, and others, regardless of your positional power. Effective influence moves your ideas into action by stimulating others to support, allow, provide resources for, or participate actively in your initiatives.

This accelerated learning program uses a “fitness model” to develop your strength, focus, and flexibility as an influencer. Feedback, gathered before, during, and after the program, provides valuable insights into your personal strengths, and points out areas for potential growth. You will develop new skills and behaviors as you work on real-world business situations. Using exercises, feedback, and practical tools, you will plan and prepare for important influence opportunities up, down, across, and outside your organization. Exercising Influence® is a just-in-time learning opportunity that you can apply immediately to resolve problems and achieve outstanding business results.

As an element of our blended learning approach, Barnes & Conti offers web-based performance support and personal coaching for participants who would like to deepen and extend what they have gained in the Exercising Influence® workshop. You can work with an experienced coach face-to-face or via phone or video in order to gain deeper insight, develop greater precision, and apply new or improved skills to your important influence opportunities.

Program Objectives

As a participant, you will:

  • Use strategic and tactical models to develop effective influence approaches
  • Evaluate how you currently use influence behaviors and identify areas for development
  • Practice a variety of influence behaviors important to achieving successful results
  • Establish clear and powerful influence objectives
  • Design and practice an approach for a real-life influence opportunity.

Exercising Influence is available as an onsite classroom workshop, webinar, blended program, and as a public session. See the Barnes & Conti website for the schedule of public sessions.

Exercising Influence™ is also available in British English, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Hungarian, Polish, Spanish, and Thai.

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Exercising Influence™ is a copyrighted program of Barnes & Conti Associates, Inc.