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Exercising Influence:
Building Relationships and Getting Results

Program Excerpts/Virtual Tour

This virtual tour will give you a breif over view of the influence skills and approach in this program.

Exercising Influence: Virtual Tour

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Influence Training: Strength, Flexibility, Focus

Influence fitness, like physical fitness, has three attributes: strength, flexibility, and focus. In this program, behavioral practice will help you develop and “train” for both strength and flexibility.

Influence Tactics

Participants learn effective influence skills through the tactics and behaviors of the Exercising Influence Model.

Influence feedback

Participants gather feedback before the course, which is interpreted within the Exercising Influence Model of tactics and behaviors.

Influence Framework

The Influence Framework provides the basis for planning an approach to any influence situation. Using the framework, participants will be prepared to develop a successful influence plan.

Influence Plan

A crucial part of influence skills training is for each participant to develop at least one influence approach and plan for a situation that they are facing.

Successful influence

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