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Exercising Influence:
Building Relationships and Getting Results

Client and Participant Feedback

“I am a huge fan of Barnes & Conti. Exercising Influence is an engaging, practical, and evidence-based program that increases your capacity to affect the actions of others. Whether you're a new or an experienced leader, you’ll benefit greatly from the program. It’s one of the best programs on the market.”

—Jim Kouzes, Author of the best-selling book, The Leadership Challenge

“The best endorsement for Exercising Influence is the fact that of that the program has survived at my organization for more than 15 years. At my organization, there has been a strong movement to build in-house and eliminate vendor products, but Exercising Influence has survived. Why? Because it is simply the most applicable and simple model for immediate results. A learner walks out of the classroom with skills one can apply in one’s very next influence conversation. ”

—Vice President of Leadership & Management Development, Global Financial Services Company

“I highly recommend Exercising Influence. It’s an outstanding program on the complex topic of influence. We have used the program in open session format as well as with intact teams, both with excellent results. The program has high applicability for many audiences.”

—Corporate Vice President, Human Resources, International Aerospace Company

“I got so much value out of the Exercising Influence class, that I did it twice. The second time was just prior to negotiating a job offer. The class did a great job of explaining what influence is, and what strategies are available. I loved that I came in with a survey filled out by my peers that helped me see which of my strategies could use the most development, so I could focus on those in class. I got to role play my upcoming job negotiation with a classmate and practice my technique. When I went in for the meeting a few days later, I was able to co-create an opportunity that became a very exciting career step. I still see my room for growth, but now I know how to grow! Thank you for this excellent class!”

—Rona Kremer, Diversity & Inclusion Program Manager, Global Technology Company

Exercising Influence is a great program offering a model and practical skills, knowledge, and exercises that are easily applied and implemented on the job and in life.”

—Director, Human Resources, Technology/Hardware Company

“I continue to use this outstanding program and related materials to help execute complex projects involving numerous stakeholders and geographies three years after taking the course. The instructional materials and classroom exercises are both well-designed and focused on real skill-building.”

—Knowledge Manager

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