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Influential Negotiation:
Building Agreements with Others

Influence skills training program

Negotiation is an interactive communication process, with all parties seeking to achieve an optimal result. As a negotiation moves through its phases and more information is revealed, each party has an opportunity to weigh the costs and opportunities of particular courses of action. They look for possible alternatives that the other side can offer or accept. All parties are trying to shape the final agreement that will meet their own needs and the needs of other parties in a way that enables them to maximize benefits and minimize costs. A key toolkit for negotiators is a good set of influence skills.

In this program, participants approach negotiation as an opportunity to build agreements that are low in cost and high in value; agreements that will be implemented and sustained over time. They practice using the behavioral skills of influence to persuade the other party to negotiate with them, to elicit key information, to encourage others to disclose underlying needs, or to reveal the options that they are willing to offer, to gain acceptance of offers and commitment to implementation. Through understanding and managing the structure and tactics of negotiation and developing their influence skills, participants develop confidence and competence as negotiators.

The influence behaviors and skills are drawn from Exercising Influence™, our popular influence training program, and tailored for the unique needs of of leaders involved in negotiation.

Program Objectives

As a participant, you will:

  • Develop and practice a variety of influence behaviors
  • Establish clear and powerful influence objectives
  • Analyze the process of a negotiation, know the milestones toward achieving agreement, and manage the process effectively
  • Identify important underlying needs and develop options for meeting them
  • Choose appropriate behavioral tactics in any negotiation, formal or informal
  • Create strong, lasting, mutually beneficial agreements that meet the needs of all parties and build a

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