Exercising Influence Exercising Influence Exercising Influence  

Effective Influence Skills for You and Your Organization

Exercising Influence™ is the most popular influence training program worldwide. Influence skills empower people in your organization to:

  • Take action and get results
  • Meet ambitious deadlines with limited resources
  • Work effectively across culture, function, and position

Global Influence and Global Capabilities

Global Influence

Exercising Influence is available worldwide via Barnes & Conti’s global network of partners and trainers. The program has been translated into 11 languages.

Satisfied clients say:

“One of the best programs and books on influence that I have worked with. This could not be more important or relevant in today‘s world where influence is key to success. The straightforward approach, relevant examples and exercises are great for those that need a refresher or just beginning on their corporate or personal journeys.”

—Vice President and Principal Consultant for Fortune 500 Company